Is history repeating itself!

Circa – two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution started and the masses were revolting about mechanisation.

The move from home industry to factory is history. The then and, soon to be, corporate giants swallowed up more than just enterprising minds they swallowed up the individual’ DREAM.

The new industry back then was production; more production from the new captive workforce, this meant more profit. This shift from the individual to the group brought about the requirement for improved equipment top provide efficient mass production. The ‘supposedly’ not so profitable method, prior to mass production was to collect or purchase products through the local or central markets. Haven’t we all heard stories of ‘Going to the market’.

Today we see that there is a requirement to produce and procure our products through different methods or I could say media. The walls of the factories are literally coming down or turned into homes, student residences and the like.

Is another ‘industrial revolution’ taking place? It is a shift! Very similar to what we now know as the ‘industrial revolution’ and this being the 21st Century it is not local, this is global.

The change back at the beginning of the industrial revolution was not a ‘Big Bang’ it started gradual, until the realisation set in with the masses that something was not quite the same, it was at about this time most cottage industries where really starting to suffer, they either grew or vanished. This shift, brought about many of our famous inventors, Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thomas Telford, John Robison McClean, Carl Gustav Jung, all were products of the industrial revolution and the innovations continued while the move to mechanise advanced.

What has this to do with today’s industry? More than you could ever imagine.
The move from large to small / medium even micro enterprises (SME) is now taking hold, and has been doing for some time, what are the masses doing? Well here is where the similarities of the industrial revolution match with the 21st Century. The masses are yelling for JOBS, in more or less the same way the revolutionist fought to keep their small cottage industry businesses, we have come full circle.

By being comfortable with what we have, in much the same way those early people became comfortable with what they had, has brought about ‘confusion’ just like it did back then.

So now is the time to take stock and do something. A small percentage of our society is building small home industries. Innovators today are taking up the call.

One such industry is Life coaching, not psychology, psychiatric or homogeneous. Not looking to the past but to the future. Helping to eek out and produce our world’s next generation of businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs, YOU! It’s more than just chatting; it is about action, more people are looking to this profession for personal results and growth.

Knowing what is changing and acting on that knowledge, is what our new industrial revolution is about. Using a Life Coach and growing is a step up the ladder, maybe a lift, as our American cousins would say ‘an elevator’. Which button would you press?

Dare to DREAM!

If you have ever thought of starting your own business you may have felt the fear, and stepped away, however this is where the future is. The shifts back to the past, but in the future are not a fallacy. Take a look around and see what is, and what has been, happening in industry. Nothing, even Microsoft is not safe.
Again, the smaller, medium and micro business is where it is at, it is where our communities will once again become independent and the balance of power restored.