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About Michele

Business Coach

Michele Hubbard is a Certified Professional Coach with a strong leadership background of building teams, career transformation, and human strategy. Michele’s strength is working with career minded individuals and successful companies looking to improve their productivity, realize their vision and create an actionable result driven road map.

Michele Hubbard

Michele Hubbard – My Story

For many years I was working in the corporate HR world, climbing the ladder, doing all I thought I should do to make me successful. I was hardworking, dedicated and accomplished, travelled the world and truthfully, on auto pilot.

The reality was I was unfulfilled and unhappy. I yearned for more.

It took me until almost the age I am now to figure out it was time to start using my gifts, my experiences and education to follow my passion-helping people succeed.

Looking into myself, asking the tough questions and finding the answers led me to acquire my life coach certification and begin the process of following my passion, to help others get where they want to be personally and professionally.

You will walk away with a well-defined and actionable plan designed specifically with you in mind. You will be the master of your goals, mind, and life after working with me.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people be their best. I believe that people can do whatever they want to do. People can move mountains, especially when they have help.

People who have worked with me have said my coaching style is authentic, challenging in a safe manner, and intuitive. A few of my superpowers include the ability to challenge someone in their thinking without putting them on the offensive, redirect negative talk, and authentic direct feedback.

I can help you discover your true self and set you up to motivate yourself to become your best self.

About Joseph

Business Coach

Joseph Phillips is a Certified Business Coach with a solid entrepreneur background of building successful businesses. Joseph’s strength is working with ambitious start-ups and small businesses to provide strategy and execution to increase performance, results, and work/life balance.


Joseph Phillips – My Story

I am a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses that have resulted in my definition of success, which are still growing today. In my career, I’ve worked in marketing, sales and startups in a variety of industries including film & music, logistics and commercial goods and services; as well as running teams and businesses of my own of course.

Early on while building my business, I did not have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a business coach. As such, I had no professional support from someone who had been there and already created their own success, a specific ear that was only geared towards me and my businesses.

When I looked at my strengths and motivations, I knew coaching was for me.

Coaching provides a framework for assessing where you are at in your business, gives you a space to think about what you want in the future, and offers guidance on how to get there. It’s just what an entrepreneur needs!

You will work with me on specific goals that you have set for yourself, and I will be right beside you guiding you along the way. You will walk away with a well-defined and actionable plan designed specifically with you in mind.

My passion is helping people define their success. As a coach I offer my experience in conjunction with your drive to create and live your own definition of success and best life.

I understand where you are, I have been there.

People who have worked with me have said my coaching style is fun, supportive, non-critical, and extremely motivating. I am full of massive positive energy, always authentic and have an extraordinary head for business. The best part of coaching is when my clients tell me they have achieved a goal they thought impossible.

Our Mission

We assist individuals who are seeking long-term professional and personal growth to accomplish their goals and create positive change in their lives. Our practice provides a safe and supportive space for you to uncover the answers you need in order to move forward professionally and personally with action and clarity.

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